How to Book More Photography Events

How to Book More Photography Events


Photographers constantly ask us for advice on filling their open days. We all know wedding photography can have the best pay days, but unfortunately it’s a short season. If you haven’t already, we recommend advertising for all kinds of private events.  You’ll be surprised at how many people need portrait photography for events like birthday parties, corporate functions, school events, and so much more. Here are some ways to expand on the great work you’re already doing.

Keep a blog and update it often
Posting your best work will show clients what they can expect, while consistently providing new material to advertise your photography to Google and other search engines.  The more content you put out, the easier it’ll be to find you. When potential clients come across your posts, it will show them the type of excellent work you’re capable of.

Create offers and referral discounts
Even in the era of online marketing, word of mouth promotions are an integral part of growing your business.  Offering incentives and discounts for people who refer their friends as new customers not only let them know that they’re valued clients, but will also drive new business your way!

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